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Are you paying too much?

Being part of a real estate network offers a lot of benefits – from customer brand recognition to business support and referral systems – and it continues to be a popular business choice for real estate agencies across the globe.

It can be hard to pinpoint the right brand for you, but for the majority of real estate agencies the decision will come down to the brand that offers the best value.

Real estate agencies want to pay a fair and reasonable price and have the assurance that their fees are going to offer value for money and help them grow and prosper in their business.

A lot of franchises charge exorbitant fees on businesses and seem to offer little in return. In many cases, fees go towards shareholders and not back into supporting the people at the heart of the brand.

Professionals are different. Unlike other real estate brands, our fees are invested back into our members instead of delivering profits for shareholders.

The Professionals group regularly attracts new members who are fed up with other brands and looking for better value for their hard-earned dollars.

With a simple set fee, we are able to offer one of the best value fee structures in the real estate industry.

These fees are then injected back into the group to provide our members with innovative products, services and unmatched support at both a local and national level.

We truly care about our members and understand that many offices want to run their business their way with a trusted brand behind them.

If you’re concerned you’re paying too much for your current brand, or just want to know more about our fee structure, contact us today!

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