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Grow – Thought Leaders Program

Leadership development is an important investment for both individuals and their team.

Each year, Professionals’ young real estate leaders come together to share ideas, network and help the group grow in a powerful development program that has been specifically designed for our younger business owners and people in the process of leadership succession.

This year’s thought leaders will be headed to New Zealand to take part in an exciting study tour where they will be given the tools to help them develop and transition in their career, whilst also making crucial peer group connections that will support them on their journey.

The event also offers a unique opportunity for our thought leaders to share their voice and provide critical feedback on the group’s direction and future.

This allows our younger members a chance to get involved with what is happening within the group and provide fresh insights and ideas that can be critically evaluated and explored further.

The vast majority of innovations come from our emerging industry leaders. They are the people on the ground interfacing with customers, utilising new technology and solving new challenges on a daily basis and their ideas aren’t just encouraged, they need to be listened to as well.

Nurturing the careers and growth of our thought leaders is critical to the near-term and long-term success of individual offices and the group as whole.

The Professionals Thought Leaders Program is a great opportunity for forward thinking individuals who aspire to progress in their careers and become an integral part of the group.

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