I’m a

Franchisee looking for better value?
At Professionals we regularly attract new members to the group who are not satisfied with their current franchise relationship. If you’re answering yes to one or more of the following questions, then maybe it’s time to have a chat with the team at Professionals.

  • Are your fees too high for the value you get back from the group?
  • Are your fees used to help create profits for shareholders?
  • Are you stuck with a long term contract in an organisation that doesn’t meet your needs?
  • Are you getting insufficient support in the key areas of marketing, technology or training?

Low fees, great value.
As a not for profit membership organisation, our focus is on providing exceptional value to our members. This starts with one of the lowest fee structures in the industry, which is injected back into the business to provide class leading products and services.


Outstanding support
We invest your fees to provide outstanding support across the key areas of training, marketing and technology. This support operates at both a national and local level to give you the best solution possible. Regular opportunities to connect with other members who provide a whole other level of support and expertise.

For franchisees looking to make the switch, Professionals can provide you with the best value brand in real estate.

To learn more about how our membership delivers outstanding value, get in contact today.