I’m an

Independent seeking greater support?
The freedom to make your own decisions is something we can all appreciate. But the challenge of going it alone can be a difficult one. In an industry that is changing so fast, keeping up as an independent is an increasingly tough job.

What if you could join a brand that allowed you to keep your independent owner status, but provided the critical support services to help you manage and grow your business?

As a membership organisation founded by independent agents, Professionals is an ideal fit for independents seeking to maintain their freedom, but get access to the latest in marketing, technology and training support.


Leading national brand
As one of the most established brands in Australian real estate, we provide you with a new level of trust and recognition in your community. We make the transition cost efficient and highly effective so you can be up and running in no time.

Marketing excellence
Across both traditional and digital channels, you receive access to our complete marketing toolkit. We have a portfolio of digital properties to drive new leads into your office, with our main website attracting more than 700,000 visitors per year. This is supported with extensive print collateral, including brochures and advertising templates.

Technology platforms
At Professionals, we understand that investing in the latest technology is critical to the success of our members. We are continuously investing in the leading technology platforms to maintain our competitive advantage and keep up with the needs of your clients. Click here to learn more about our technology solutions

A recent industry study by Macquarie Bank identified staff training and development as a critical factor for increasing the profitability of a real estate office. At Professionals, we’ve recognised this for a long time and have an extensive training and development programme in place. For business leaders we have numerous networking events, including monthly webinars, awards nights, professional development courses and conferences. And for your team, we have national and state based training programmes, including an online training portal. Click here to learn more about our training solutions.

If you’re an independent looking for more support, get in touch today to learn more about why so many are making the switch to the Professionals.