Jason and I decided to purchase an established office after working in that office for a number of years. The brand and what it signifies actually means something to me. We are a young team in the Upper Coomera office so we wanted to be part of a real estate network that was fresh, dynamic, engaged and supportive.

I feel a sense of excitement when the Professionals get together for events and conferences each year. We are a great bunch, our stories grow taller on each occasion (you know who you are!) but the banter never grows tiresome because genuine friendships are being forged and professional respect established.

What defines the Professionals for me is the feeling of belonging to a modern, intelligent and constantly evolving network of great people who are industrious, hardworking and have each other’s backs. We know we have a way to go to reach the milestones of some of our highly successful colleagues in Professionals but there is a ton of ambition driving our little business and we feel confident that we are in the right place and with the right people to charge ahead.

Sandra Blake
Professionals Upper Coomera