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It’s an exciting time to join the real estate industry. A recent study by Macquaire Bank (2014), showed 79% of agencies have seen gross revenues increase over the last 12 months.

There’s no doubt that owning your own real estate business can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity. But it’s also critical that you find the organisation that best fits your needs. We’re obviously a little bias, but we think Professionals provides a great solution for people who are new to the industry.

Over the years, some of our most successful members have been new to the industry. They have been allowed to thrive because of the unique benefits of our business model.

Low fees
We offer some of the lowest fees in the industry. This allows you to start-up in the industry without the burden of excessive fees. We keep our fees low because we are a not for profit organisation that returns value to the members, rather than deliver profits to shareholders.


Trusted brand
As one of the most trusted and recognised brands in Australian real estate, we give you a boost from day one. Building a brand with your community can take years of work, by joining Professionals, a big part of that job is done.

Extensive training and development
As someone new to the industry, training and development will be critical for you and your team. For business leaders we provide extensive training and networking opportunities, including professional development courses and conferences. While your team will have access to both national and state based training initiatives, including our online training portal. To learn more about our training solutions, click here.

Marketing expertise
Building a strong brand that drives opportunities is a critical part of being a successful real estate agent. We provide all new members with an extensive marketing toolkit, including print and digital marketing collateral, a mobile responsive national website and dedicated rural and commercial websites. Click here to learn more about our marketing expertise.

Technology platforms
We have some of the best technology in the industry. From CRM to Property Management, we provide members with a suite of technology solutions. Through our deep partnership with technology providers, we are constantly investing and innovating our technology platform for the benefits of our members and their clients. For more details on our technology solutions, click here.

Last, but certainly not least, by joining Professionals you are joining a unique culture. As a membership organisation we foster a strong sense of belonging, with regular opportunities to connect with other members. We are passionate about our collective success and support each other in everything we do. All our members have a sense of ownership in the Professional’s brand, because they do!

Many of our new members identify with Professionals core values, where going the extra mile for a client and ‘giving back’ to the community are ingrained in the group’s culture.

Real support, real value and a people first approach.

To discover more about Professionals’ unique approach, get in contact to talk further with one of our team.