Strive for Excellence

We strive
for excellence

Passion and discipline ensure we are the best at what we do.

We love what we do and do what we love to benefit our customers and invest in our member’s growth.

This is how we’ll support you when you join Professionals:


We continue to invest in class leading solutions to deliver marketing excellence to members. Our advertising and marketing standards are maintained at the highest level via our purpose built Digital Asset Management portal, starmedia. is also a great source of traffic for property listings.


We provide members powerful technology solutions to assist with running their business. Our Professionals Business Intelligence system provides critical business insights, benchmarking and service standards, while our Professionals Performance Platform software gives members a smart system to measure their service standards and calculate internal awards.


From day one as a new member, we are there to support you in all areas of training and development. Our team have access to in depth statistical data through our Professioals Information portal which provides us with insight that allows us to customise any necessary coaching or training our members need. This ensures our members and their teams enjoy fantastic development opportunities.