Unforgettable Events


Annual Conference
Each year, our offices from around the globe gather together for an event that is one of the highlights of the year – the Annual Conferences. At the event, members and their teams have access to a wide range of high profile, industry relevant speakers each year catering to the development of members, managers and salespeople.

Professionals place a great deal of importance on ensuring conferences deliver high quality training and mentoring within a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, and of course a high level of fun.

Chairman’s Club
We invite our top performing offices and principals to join us each year at the annual Chairman’s Club event. This invite only conference offers exclusive access to the finest speakers from leading Australian businesses and beyond, insights into the latest in management techniques and trends and industry updates.

GenNow Conference
Held annually, this is a chance for the next generation of performers to come together, learn from industry experts, fine tune their skills to step up their performance and become the superstars of tomorrow. This event is open to all members and all agents to become a part of.

All year

Recognition events
Regular Rewards and Recognition Programmes are amongst many forms of credit with which Professionals acknowledge members and their teams. We are proud of the achievements of members, salespeople and staff and like to create an atmosphere of transparency and recognition.

In some areas of Australia, Awards events are held both Quarterly and Annually with members inviting their teams along in appreciation. These events are an invaluable tool for networking, belonging, enjoyment and recognition for all.

Study Tours
We conduct regular Study Tours across Australia, with members eager to open their doors to fellow Professionals, to share and learn from each other.

This is truly unique. We pride ourselves on our members embracing the Professionals culture of belonging.

In recent years we have held Study Tours in Perth, New Zealand, Northern New South Wales and have more exciting tours planned for the future.