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What makes us unique?

Professionals is not your typical real estate organisation, we’re a membership group. As a membership group, our Members are ‘independent owners’ who drive our future direction.

We offer new Members the potential for financial independence within a supportive network of over 3000 people. After four decades of remarkable service, Professionals is considered one of the strongest, most preeminent brands in the real estate market. This is demonstrated by regular industry awards, a testament to the passion and hard work the team have consistently shown. We love what we do and do what we love to benefit our customers and invest in our Member's growth.

Why our customers love us

People come first

We think customer

We aim to understand the customer better than anyone else and we treat everyone as an individual and put people at the heart of our culture. Because it’s our mission to be famous for customer service, our Members need the freedom and flexibility to adapt to the ever changing real estate environment. New Members will always have their voice heard as they strive to grow their business and create customer happiness.

Our customers say "Wow!"

Remarkable service

We are focused on delivering service that makes our customers say "Wow". To both Members and customers, Professional Real Estate strives to deliver remarkable service that is shared between family and friends. Our regular Customer Journey Research ensures we're focused on what our clients value most throughout their experience with us. On top of this, our Secret Shopper Program means our service standards are continually measured and improved.

The best deals

Competitive finance

With the creation of Professionals Finance, our Members can source the market's most competitive finance deals for customers. This can make their property journey easier and less stressful, whether they're first home buyers, property investors or commercial developers.

World class marketing

Established, recognisable brand

We've built a fantastic brand, and we want to help our offices promote it as much as possible. We continue to invest in industry leading solutions to deliver marketing excellence to Members. When it comes to marketing, it is about delivering a strong, consistent message and brand to your potential clients-and we have developed a larger, ever growing list of tools to assist our Members in doing just that.

We challenge the status quo

Down-to-earth industry leaders

We don't follow the industry, we lead it. Our down-to-earth personality is rare in a typically serious industry. Our Members are approachable, genuine and talk in a friendly, non-corporate way.

Why our Members love us

We challenge the status quo

Independent and entrepreneurial

It's in our DNA to challenge what is average and seek out better solutions. Professional Real Estate group is not a franchise, but a membership group made up of independent businesses. We know one size doesn't fit all, so we have several models to suit the individual needs of each new Member. Our unique approach of "doing more with less" is applied across all that we do, ensuring we provide maximum value to Members and clients.

The hard work is done

Access to resources

We have extensive resources including complete range of digital templates, print format brochures, flyers and direct mail campaigns. We also offer an exciting range of promotional merchandise. In addition, we have established relationships with a top printing firm, making sure you get great quality and pricing for all your printing needs.

Everything you need

Technology ready

When it comes to technology in our industry, it's fast paced, constantly changing and keeping up with the latest tech can be expensive. We use our national buying power and in turn, have developed partnerships with industry leaders to offer you a choice of the best when it comes to the technology you need to effectively run your Professionals office, including your own website, website property feeds, CRM systems and property booklets and flyer cards.

We work closely with Members

Effective marketing

We work closely with Members at a zone level to create effective, geographically targeted local campaigns to promote the brand at ground level. We also utilise the latest information and techniques in marketing, both tangible and from a digital standpoint, to promote and extend the Professionals brand nationally to maintain our strong national standing and inturn, to our individual Members.

Unforgettable events

Rewards and recognition

We place a great deal of importance on ensuring we create events and conferences that deliver high quality training and mentoring within a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Our events include the annual conference, GenNow Conference and Chairman’s Club. Regular reward and recognition programmes are awarded to our Members. We also conduct regular Study Tours, with Members eager to open their doors to fellow Professionals.

Powerful technology and systems

World-class software

We provide Members powerful technology solutions to assist with running their business. Our Professionals Business Intelligence system provides critical business insights, benchmarking and service standards, while our Professionals Performance Platform software gives Members a smart system to measure their service standards and calculate internal awards.

We're here to support you

Training and development opportunities

As a new Member, we are here to support you in all areas of training and development. Our team have access to in depth statistical data through our Professionals Information portal which provides us with insight that allows us to customise any necessary coaching or training our Members need. This ensures our Members and their teams enjoy fantastic development opportunities.

We're more than just residential

Rural and commercial support

For agents with expertise in rural or commercial real estate, Professionals is a group that can support your ambitions. With dedicated websites for both rural and commercial, it's a core part of our growth strategy. A large number of our Members operate in rural areas, so we understand the unique needs of selling rural properties and associated services. From selling livestock to listing hobby farms, we have a dedicated web presence for rural listings and advice. We also list a large number of commercial properties every year and it's an area we'd like to grow, so if you're interested in building a business with strong commercial sales, then we'd love to talk. We have opportunities across the group and a commercial website to provide corporate clients with a dedicated destination.

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