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Member benefits

Great reputation

One of Australia’s best
real estate brands

Industry aligned awards
and recognition

Residential, commercial and
rural expertise

As one of the most trusted and recognised brands in Australian real estate, we give you a boost from day one. Building a brand with your community can take years of work, by joining Professionals, a big part of that job is done.

We provide you with a new level of trust and recognition in your community. We make the transition cost efficient and highly effective so you can be up and running in no time.

Complete marketing

Access to our extensive
marketing toolkit

Established and successful
lead generation

Building a strong brand that drives opportunities is a critical part of being a successful real estate agent. We have a portfolio of digital properties to drive new leads into your office, with our main website attracting more than 700,000 visitors per year.

In addition, we provide all new Members with an extensive marketing toolkit, including print and digital marketing collateral, a mobile responsive national website and dedicated rural and commercial websites.

Innovative technology

CRM flexibility and
cutting edge technology

Industry leading solutions
and strategy

At Professionals, we understand that investing in the latest technology is critical to the success of our Members. We have some of the best technology in the industry. From CRM to Property Management, we provide all Members with a suite of technology solutions.

Through our deep partnership with technology providers, we are constantly investing and innovating our high-end technology platforms for the benefits of our Members and their clients.

Training and development

Strong national and local
leadership teams

Personalised business coaching
& training

Dedicated support team
and services

At Professionals, we have an extensive training and development program available to you and your team.

You and your team will have access to extensive training and networking opportunities, including professional development courses, conferences and training initiatives, including our tailor-made online training portal.


Member owned,
non-profit organisation

Lowest industry fee

We offer some of the lowest fees in the industry. This allows you to start-up in the industry without the burden of excessive fees.

We keep our fees low because we are a non-profit organisation that returns value to the Members, rather than deliver profits to shareholders.

Supportive culture

Strong community involvement
and culture of giving

Inclusive and friendly

Opportunities to connect with
like-minded Members

By joining Professionals you are joining a unique culture, where as a membership organisation we foster a strong sense of belonging, with regular opportunities to connect with other Members.

We are passionate about our collective success and support each other in everything we do. Many of our new Members identify with “Professionals’ core values”, where going the extra mile for a client and ‘giving back’ to the community are ingrained in the group’s culture.

What it means to be a Professional

Please take a moment to hear directly from our Members what it means to be part of Professionals:


I’m an independent

The freedom to make your own decisions is something we can all appreciate. But the challenge of going it alone can be a difficult one. In an industry that is changing so fast, keeping up as an independent is an increasingly tough job.

What if you could join a brand that allowed you to keep your independent owner status, but provided the critical support services to help you manage and grow your business?

As a membership organisation founded by independent agents, Professionals is an ideal fit for independents seeking to maintain their freedom, but get access to the latest in marketing, technology and training support. Get in touch to Learn More


I’m a sales agent

Ready to step up? Are you a proven performer? Perhaps also with an entrepreneurial spirit? If you’re currently looking to take the next step, then you know the decision to own and manage your own real estate agency is undoubtedly a big one. But it doesn’t have to be risky or difficult.

With an industry admired low fee structure and a high level of ongoing support, new Professionals Members have the perfect platform for sustained growth.

We encourage ambition and encourage you to showcase your expertise and passion, but it’s equally important to have the resources to guide you and a huge network of supportive colleagues to tap into.Get in touch to Learn More



I’m a franchisee

At Professionals we regularly attract new Members to the group who are not satisfied with their current franchise relationship. For franchisees looking to make the switch, Professionals can provide you with the best value brand in real estate.

Are you fees too high for the value you get back from the group? Are your fees used to help create profits for shareholders? Are you stuck with a long term contract in an organisation that doesn’t meet your needs? Are you getting insufficient support in areas of marketing, technology or training?

If you’re answering yes to one or more of these questions, then maybe it’s time to have a chat with the team at Professionals. Get in touch to Learn More


I’m new to sales

It’s an exciting time to join the real estate industry. With a consumer market that is more educated than ever, new agencies that excel at providing high quality, personalised service stand to gain the most trust from consumers and capitalise on the excitement and enthusiasm they bring to their markets.

There’s no doubt that owning your own real estate business can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity. But it’s also critical that you find the organisation that best fits your needs. We’re obviously a little bias, but we think Professionals provides a great solution for people who are new to the industry.

Over the years, some of our most successful Members have been new to the industry. They have been allowed to thrive because of the unique benefits of our business model. Get in touch to Learn More


Member Testimonials

Making the switch to Professionals was the best decision I’ve made. I wanted more say in how i ran my office, but to still have all the important marketing and training support to be successful.

Paul Nuske


Triwest Real Estate

There’s always been a great energy and enthusiasm working with Professionals people. It’s different to other real estate agents and something I really value. The biggest draw card is the fantastic, unmatched culture within the group, where everyone is happy to help and competition is only against other brands.

Cameron Wilson


Professionals Armadale

Jason and I decided to purchase an established office after working in that office for a number of years. The brand and what it signifies actually means something to me. We are a young team in the Upper Coomera office so we wanted to be part of a real estate network that was fresh, dynamic, engaged and supportive.

 I feel a sense of excitement when Professionals get together for events and conferences each year. We are a great bunch, our stories grow taller on each occasion (you know who you are!) but the banter never grows tiresome because genuine friendships are being forged and professional respect established.

Sandra Blake


Professionals Upper Coomera

As a licensee who is passionate about the area of property management, I can say that this was top of mind for me when we were choosing a network. We wanted somewhere that property management was rewarded and recognised, not just a sale focussed group.

 Throughout my time as a professional, I can say that I have been supported, rewarded and listened to with regard to this side of my business.

Tina Case

International Property Manager of the Year 2015

Regional Property Manager of the Year 2015

Professionals Lithgow

I moved from a capped commission brand to Professionals because I felt the brand was in alignment with my core values. Right from the start of the investigation period I found all the Principals from other Professionals very open with ideas and welcoming. I thought the star was a warm and friendly logo and I still love our branding.

 Within the first few weeks of joining the brand I had phone calls from other Principals in my zone calling me to welcome me to the Professionals family. They also offered me their time and extensive knowledge (for free). I couldn’t be happier with the move and would wholeheartedly recommend this brand to anyone! I love this group!!

Teale Ring

Property Investment Principal

Professionals Insight Realty

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